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Anonymize your Bitcoins with the best online Bitcoin mixing service — Bitcoin Tumbler

What is a Bitcoin Mixer and How Does It Work?

Bitcoin Mixer, also known as Bitcoin blender, shuffler or Bitcoin tumbler, is an online service that allows you to make your bitcoins anonymous.

The basic principle of the Bitcoin mixer is quite simple.

The client of the service places his bitcoins in the shared pool of coins of the mixer. All the client's bitcoins are marked with a unique tag - "Tumbler code".

Thus, a shared coin pool is formed, which contains coins with different tag (coins of different customers).

Next, the Bitcoin mixer sends coins from the shared pool back to the customers, having previously excluded the client's coins when sending them (all coins with the client's tag are excluded).

The client's initial coins remain in the pool, and the client receives coins from other bitcoin mixing participants.

In addition to the basic principle of Bitcoin mixer operation applies additional methods for maximum anonymization, such as a time delay of sending coins and sending the total amount of coins to different customer addresses, after splitting the total amount into several parts.

These methods significantly improve the anonymity of bitcoin mixing by introducing additional entropy (making it impossible) for a potential analyzer.

As a result, the connection between the client's original coins and the new "mixed" coins is completely severed.

Here's How Works in
Three Simple Steps

Step 1

Create a new order

Step 2

Add your coins to the shared pool

Step 3

Get completely anonymous Bitcoins

Create a new Bitcoin mixing order

Specify the Bitcoin address or addresses to which you want to receive mixed (anonymous) bitcoins. It is advisable to specify several addresses to split the total amount of the payout to different addresses. The more addresses there are, the higher the anonymity level of mixed bitcoins.

Select the service commission. Depending on the selected commission, coins for payout will be taken from various pools that differ in the level of anonymity. The higher the commission, the higher the anonymity level of the coin pool.

If desired, set a delay in sending mixed coins: the longer the delay, the higher the anonymity of mixed bitcoins.

Send the bitcoins you want to mix to the address generated by

Your order will begin to be executed after receiving the first confirmation of your deposit in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Please note that before making a deposit, you can download a Letter of guarantee that cryptographically confirms the terms of mixing and the obligations of the service to the client.

Also, before sending a deposit, you can use a calculator with which you can specify the deposit amount and find out the exact amount of anonymous coins that you will receive.

After confirming the deposit, your order will begin to be fulfilled. Already at this stage, you will receive your unique "Tumbler code", which you can specify for new orders in order to protect yourself from receiving your own coins in the future.

Congratulations! Your order is completed, your coins are now anonymous!

You will receive a full report on Bitcoin mixing, showing all transactions and all details.

After 24 hours, the entire history of your order will be automatically deleted from the service.

Now your bitcoins are completely anonymous!

But Wait, Isn't Bitcoin Anonymous by Itself?

Bitcoin is not a completely anonymous cryptocurrency. It is public and transparent!

All transactions on the Bitcoin network are recorded in a public registry known as the blockchain.

This means that information about transfers between bitcoin addresses is available to any member of the network.

Although bitcoin addresses are not linked to specific users, in some cases they can be tracked and linked.

At the moment, dozens of companies have been created that are engaged in deanonymization of bitcoin addresses. There is a high probability that your bitcoins specifically have already been deanonymized.

Is it safe to use a Bitcoin mixer

Bitcoin mixer is absolutely safe. The reputation of the service comes first.

Your deposit and terms of cooperation are securely protected by the cryptographic obligations of the platform by a Letter of guarantee.

You can also study reviews about using the service on such major forums as and

Why should I choose a Bitcoin mixer

Bitcoin mixer is significantly ahead of its competitors as a bitcoin anonymization service.

There are no similar services that could boast the same number of tools allowing to keep maximum security and service.

Six Main Advantages of

The confidential and
anonymous Bitcoin mixer

1. Secure Communication: No-LOG and No-KYC policy for maximum confidentiality.
2. Efficient Bitcoin Mixing: Guaranteed disruption of the connection between sender and receiver using a tumbler code and temporary freezing of "new" coins.
3. Advanced Algorithms: Utilization of cutting-edge mixing algorithms, including a hybrid version of the CoinJoin method.
4. High Privacy-Meter Ratings: To boost bitcoin transaction anonymity, all heuristic models from are considered.
5. Substantial Reserves: The Bitcoin mixer has reserves exceeding 500 BTC, allowing for the mixing of significant volumes without waiting for other users.
6. Secure Tor Access: The Tor version of the site provides secure and confidential access.

The reliable and secure
Bitcoin tumbler

1. Secure Servers: Hosting on secure servers in protected data centers.
2. Data Protection: Cutting-edge data encryption methods on project servers.
3. RSA-2048 encryption: Critical traffic between the client and servers is encrypted with RSA-2048 directly in the user's browser. Prevent Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks.
4. Transaction Detail Removal: Automatic removal of transaction details 24 hours after order fulfillment.
5. Deposit Address Removal: Regular removal of Bitcoin addresses used for deposits; no retrospective data retrieval in case of the Bitcoin mixer compromise.

A reliable Bitcoin tumbler
with an impeccable reputation

1. Open Reputation: Active thread on the Bitcointalk forum for verifying the reputation of the Bitcoin tumbler.
2. Guaranteed Experience: Bitcoin mixer developed with the needs of BitcoinTalk community members in mind, undergoing two (#1, #2) testing phases.
3. Cryptographically Secured Commitments: Letter of Guarantee and service commitments are confirmed by cryptographic signatures.

The most efficient and
convenient bitcoin mixing

1. Low Fees: Market's lowest fees starting at 0.4%!
2. Discount System: Safe discount system for loyal customers.
3. 24/7 Support: Accessible customer support around the clock.
4. Adaptive Design: User-friendly adaptive design of the Bitcoin mixer, including a mobile version.
5. Multilingual Support: Accessibility in 8 languages.
6. Fast Mixing: Mixing starts with just one confirmation, and minimum payout delay is 60 minutes.

The functional and easily
integrated Bitcoin mixer

1. Partnership Program: Opportunity to earn up to 50% of revenue from referrals.
2. Advanced API: Integration of the Bitcoin mixer into your project.
3. Secure Warranty Check: Online verification of the Letter of Guarantee without the need for third-party software.

Additional Options

1. Three Protection Levels: Varied protection levels, ranging from basic Bitcoin mixer functionality to the ability to receive coins from a premium pool.
2. Maximum Functionality: Comprehensive mixing options include:
- Ability to use a "tumbler code" to prevent receiving your own coins after mixing.
- Option to specify up to 10 addresses for payouts.
- Ability to set payout delays from 60 minutes to 72 hours.
- Option to specify the percentage distribution of funds for payout with precision to tenths of a percent.
- Privacy-Meter offering optimal mixing settings.
- Interactive Calculator at each mixing stage, allowing precise calculation of deposit and payout amounts.

Ok. Everything is clear, but why do I need anonymity?
I have nothing to hide...

Privacy is a fundamental human right recognized by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and other treaties.

It's a big mistake to let anyone interfere with your privacy.

This service is designed to help people regain their freedom and privacy.

Here are some scenarios that the service can help you with:

Keep the information about your bitcoins a secret

No one should know how many bitcoins you have on your balance. Perhaps no one is interested in your balance today, but when bitcoin is worth $ 1 million, you will become a target for intruders. By protecting information about your funds, you take care of your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Make anonymous payments

With the help of a bitcoin mixer, you can anonymously transfer bitcoins to the addresses of services and service providers. Pay for services and goods without linking to your personal data

Make anonymous investments

Trade on decentralized exchanges and invest anonymously in new crypto projects. Using a bitcoin mixer your identity will be reliably protected.

Make your bitcoins anonymous again

Perhaps you didn't think about anonymity before and deanonymized your assets. This service will help you fix everything. Bitcoin mixer will make your coins anonymous again!

Bitcoin Mixer

What is it is an online service that allows you to restore confidentiality to your bitcoins and protect your identity from deanonymization. is a Bitcoin mixer. Such services are also called Bitcoin tumblers, blenders or shufflers. This service is an important part of user anonymity in the world of cryptocurrencies.

What is a Bitcoin mixer?

Bitcoin mixer, also known as Bitcoin tumbler, is an online service that allows you to make your bitcoins completely anonymous. After using the bitcoin mixer, you get coins with a completely new history; the connection between your old coins and the new mixed ones is completely severed. The Bitcoin blockchain currently does not imply anonymous user transactions, and the service takes over the Bitcoin anonymization function.

Why should I use a Bitcoin mixer?

Bitcoin Mixer allows you to keep your financial transactions anonymous and anonymize your assets. In other words, using a Bitcoin mixer allows you to store, pay, and exchange bitcoins privately and securely without having to identify yourself. If it is important for you to use bitcoin as such and at the same time privacy, anonymity and security are important, then Bitcoin mixer is exactly the tool that you just need to use all the time. Whether you are a businessman trading on the stock exchange, or an investor investing in valuable assets, or just a traveler, you do not need everyone you meet to be able to estimate the volume of your wallet, and this is possible, because, as you probably know, Bitcoin is not anonymous.

Isn't Bitcoin anonymous?

No, the Bitcoin blockchain is not anonymous. It is decentralized, but transaction records are like an open book, with a huge transaction history. It is sometimes called pseudonymous, since when sending transactions you are not asked to enter a phone number or email, but despite the fact that everyone has access to all transactions, it will not be difficult to find out and associate your address with you. There are many companies analyzing transactions and in realtime mode, improving their tracking algorithms every day. Thus, they can easily deanonymize you. Thus, if Nakamoto himself, who owns a huge amount of bitcoins in his address, wanted to buy himself an island in the Pacific Ocean, he would use a mixer such as In this case, anyone would be able to find out that a relatively small amount of bitcoins was sent from Nakomoto's personal wallet. However, no company analyzing transactions would be able to figure out exactly what was purchased for these bitcoins.

How does the Bitcoin mixer make my bitcoins anonymous?

Every transaction on the Bitcoin network is recorded in a public blockchain journal. Any member of the network can see the entire transaction history for the entire existence of bitcoin. There are dozens of companies that analyze and collect blockchain transaction data. One of the activities of such companies is the deanonymization of bitcoin addresses of their owners.

Let's say that in 2012 you bought 1,000 bitcoins for $5 apiece. During the first year, you spent 100 coins to buy goods online and revealed your identity in the process, because in 2012 it was not so scary to reveal your identity when buying goods within $ 250. A total of 900 coins are left until today (900 coins is more than $ 50 million at the current exchange rate). Since that moment, somewhere on the Internet there is a record that you specifically own these coins. How safe is it for you today?

Bitcoin mixer helps to break the connection between your personality and your coins! How? It's pretty simple. After using the mixer, you get completely new coins, they will have a completely new story.

Is anonymous?

Yes, absolutely. takes care of security, uses secure servers and protect data from Man-in-the-Middle attacks. KYC is not required.

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a process used by financial institutions to verify client identities and assess potential risks for money laundering. It involves collecting and verifying personal information like name, address, and date of birth. The KYC policy helps companies comply with anti-money laundering rules by allowing them to identify and mitigate risks.

For maximum privacy, we recommend using the Tor browser and the version of our service in Tor at:

What is a Tumbler code?

Let's say that you have created a new order and placed your coins in the pool. Bitcoin mixer marked your coins with a unique code and gave it to you. After a while, you decided to use this service again, while your old coins are still in our pool and marked with your code. Using the Tumbler code will isolate your old coins from your new orders, you are guaranteed not to receive your old coins even after a long time. For this reason, it is very important to use the Tumbler code for repeat orders.

Using the Bitcoin mixer I don't need to go through the KYC procedure, do I?

This is not required.

Are there limits to mixing bitcoins in

The minimum amount for mixing is 0.001 bitcoin. The maximum amount is floating and depends on many factors. There are more than 500 bitcoins in our pool, and at times of increased load we increase the total volume so that the operation of the service is as anonymous as possible. But even with such an impressive pool, when creating an order, the system will always show you the optimal maximum amount for mixing at the moment. This indicator is floating.

How many confirmations in the blockchain are needed to start the execution of my order?

Just one confirmation is enough. And then the order fulfillment depends on the user's settings. All settings recommendations for the best result can be found on the order generation page.

What about logs?

We adhere to a strict privacy policy and do not store any information that can identify the user (for example, browser data, IP address, usernames, etc.). By default, all data related to your order is automatically deleted 24 hours after it is completed.

For maximum privacy, we recommend using the Tor browser and the version of our service in Tor at:

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