A bitcoin tumbler protects your wealth, and so much more

A bitcoin tumbler protects your wealth, and so much more

There is one simple question you need to ask yourself if you’re in the crypto game these days – why AREN’T you doing everything you can to protect your wealth?

Millions of excuses are probably bouncing around in your head right now but we both know it comes down to one thing – you may not know how. Everyone in the crypto market is telling you how to get rich, but no one is telling you how to keep your riches once they’ve been made.

A bitcoin mixer is a direct and simple solution to making sure you don’t lose the wealth you’ve spent so much time, money, and labor developing. Maybe you were an early investor in bitcoin – if so, congratulations. Now, shouldn’t you keep that wealth locked up tight?

The problem is, bitcoin is not anonymous. Blockchains are ultra-public transparent ledgers, which means literally anyone can drop into your wallet, check out how much you’re worth, then see everybody you’ve ever done business with.

Sound good to you? Yeah…we didn’t think so. Using a bitcoin mixer stops all that unwanted attention in its tracks by making your BTC truly anonymous and untraceable. So, without further ado, let’s jump into a quick overview of the technology and why it is essential that you start using one today.

First of all, bitcoin is NOT anonymous

Many people assume that bitcoin is anonymous because cryptocurrency = cryptography = secure? At least, that’s how it seems the logic goes. Sorry to burst that bubble, but it simply isn’t so.

Transactions are secured by cryptography, sure, but they aren’t made anonymous by that process unless by design. And, bitcoin, by design, is not made to be anonymous. What that boils down to is anybody can see whatever you’ve done on the blockchain.

Made payments for your rent? Received payments from a client in another country? Bought bitcoin from an exchange? It’s all there, and anybody with an internet connection can see it.

Now, we get it, a lot of people think that since they’ve never done anything wrong, why bother using a bitcoin tumbler to make their BTC anonymous. The problem is, it’s not about you**** – it’s about everyone else.

All bitcoins come from the same source – mining. That means once they go out into circulation, they just do the rounds between wallets. Problematically, if the BTC which made its way to your innocent wallet was involved in some kind of illicit activity somewhere on the blockchain, that can be tracked down to your wallet.

Authorities who are seizing entire illicit fortunes can then track the BTC to you, and empty the contents of your wallet – or worse – make you complicit in the crime. Sounds like a terrible scenario, but it isn’t far-fetched, which is why we advise you to take steps now to avoid it.

What a bitcoin mixer does

Tumbling your bitcoins is simple – you basically throw your current/old/possibly traced BTC into the tumbler, and the tumbler gives you a mixture of other BTC that didn’t belong to you to begin with.

This scrambles the origins of the bitcoin, and gives you coin that is untraceable and totally fresh. There are reputable bitcoin tumbler startups out there like Tumbler.io providing this service at a low cost and with ultra-fast turnaround times.

In effect, when you send your Bitcoin in to a service like Tumbler.io, you’re given a throwaway BTC address to deposit to. This address is unique and can’t be used twice, so rest easy. Once you send to the unique BTC deposit address, you’ll wait a few confirmations while the tumbler does its thing, then receive anonymized BTC to your new wallet.

At the beginning of the order, you specify the address of that new wallet, so everything is kosher from step one.

That’s the easy explanation, but if you’re curious about more technical details, this is it in a nutshell. Basically, a Bitcoin mixer is taking a pool of BTC in reserve, mixing it together to create new BTC out of old BTC, then giving you the result.

Tumbler.io has a neat innovation that ensures you never receive your old Bitcoin back. After your first mix, you’ll get a code that you enter upon subsequent mixes. That code tracks the coins particles from your previous mix, and keeps them out of the mix every time you revisit.

Why would you revisit, you ask?

For best results, keep mixing

Using a bitcoin mixer isn’t something you do one time and never do again. Anytime you receive BTC from another source such as a payment, transaction, or buying BTC at the exchange, you’ll need to ensure the integrity of that BTC by mixing it again.

One way to look at this process is through filtration. You don’t want to drink dirty water, do you? No, of course not, that’s why you use a water filter. Same goes for bitcoin – you don’t want to use potentially traced BTC, so you filter it and make sure it is 100% good to go for your wallet.

This way, you don’t have to look over your shoulder or wonder if some blockchain analytics firm like Chainalysis is lurking somewhere in the dark. Blockchain analytics is becoming a big business, and more of these firms are meaning the pool of potential candidates for snooping around your wallet grows larger each day.

That is why, again, we so strongly encourage you to be safe with your cryptocurrency and make sure it can’t be easily surveilled. Besides, Satoshi wouldn’t have wanted it this way. The genesis block included a big fat message against the bankers, with Nakamoto hoping to kick off a financial revolution in which we are all sovereign owners of our financial destinies.

Well, that time is here, and using a bitcoin tumbler not only helps make it possible, but it also ensures your fortune for tomorrow.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide financial advice or promote the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its main purpose is to inform, explain, and educate. Readers must make their own decisions regarding the use of such services.

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The functionality of bitcoin mixers

Bitcoin mixer are a tool developed by institutions that seek to help eradicate the daily theft and identity reveal of coin owners. They are services which provide means through which users claim or withdraw bitcoins anonymously. Bitcoin mixers or tumblers were mostly introduced by the service companies to bypass the routines that most cyber-criminals and regulators take in tracking down users.