Preserve your bitcoin wealth by protecting your identity

Preserve your bitcoin wealth by protecting your identity

The popularity of bitcoin can be attributed to its convenience as well as its swift transaction speed in contrast to other payment methods. The localization of bitcoin means that payments can be made across the world without waiting for authorization from regulatory bodies, although bitcoin users may be required to disclose their identity before withdrawing their earnings or making bitcoin purchases.

The enforcement of stricter regulatory measures has made it hard to conceal your identity from financial regulators who may be trying to impose taxes on your bitcoin earnings. In reality, bitcoins are not as private as they may seem. These public ledgers are easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Even though some digital coins like ZCash, Monero, Zencash, and Pivx may provide a higher level of anonymity compared to bitcoin, there are still some irregularities in the services provided. Ideally, rather than depending on anonymous digital coins, it is better to protect your privacy by using reliable bitcoin mixing services such as

Additionally, the moment you are aware of the fact that more than 6 billion mobile devices are presently being utilized, and a significant percentage of these devices are connected to the internet, in one way or the other making it so that almost anyone can view your transaction records, then you’ll understand the importance of protecting your identity.

Particularly in this age of intense surveillance by various institutions, from private organizations to authorities, concealing all your bitcoin transactions and identity should be your top priority. This can accurately be interpreted as learning how to make anonymous bitcoin transfers.

How are bitcoins anonymized?

A bitcoin tumbler is a digital anonymizing platform that removes the trails that may expose the identity of bitcoin users. This straightforward process is not only fast and dependable, but it is also the most efficient way of concealing your identity from blockchain analysis firms that are relentless in their attempts to link your identity to your bitcoin wallet address.

It is not unusual for regulator to employ blockchain analysis firms to reveal the identity of bitcoin holders for the purpose of imposing the payment of tax. From the moment you sign up on an exchange platform like Coinbase, you have inadvertently started leaving a trail that will remain permanent except your bitcoins are anonymized.

Bitcoin is anonymized by bitcoin mixers using a special technique. The mixing service provider holds a pool of bitcoins from various clients. By combining numerous bitcoins from various clients, the connection between your old bitcoin address and the new one is permanently severed by the bitcoin mixer.

One of the best bitcoin mixers in the crypto scene is In addition to the mixing service provided, all the mixing records on the platform are erased every 24 hours. So even if their database is accessed by regulatory authorities, no evidence of previous mixing activities would be found.

What are the reasons for using bitcoin mixers?

Bitcoin tumbling is the single most important step for making anonymous bitcoin transfers and protecting your bitcoin wealth. The steps involved are easier than it appears.

Ensure that your transactions remain private by following these simple steps to effectively conceal your identity:

  • After you have bought your bitcoin, make sure to download a VPN service so that your activities would remain hidden from your internet provider.
  • Then select a reliable bitcoin mixer like Simply visit the website and select the bitcoin icon on the web page.
  • Avoid transferring bitcoin to other addresses without thoroughly mixing your coins first.
  • Avoid storing your bitcoin on a bitcoin wallet or any other wallet in which private keys do not belong to you.

The guide to effective bitcoin tumbling

  1. The first thing is that supplies a non-reusable deposit address. You will also be required to set a specific duration of delay.
  2. Once your bitcoin is transferred to the mixing pool on, it will be mixed with numerous bitcoins from various clients. After the expiration of your specified time delay, you will be sent a combination of bitcoin from other users to the recipient address which you have provided with zero chances that your own bitcoin will be sent back to you. Thus, the connection between your initial and new bitcoin address will be severed, provided that you avoid using the same address from which the bitcoin was transferred initially.
  3. Since your bitcoin has now been anonymized, feel free to make anonymous bitcoin transfers freely throughout the globe for any transaction you desire.
  4. Once the process is complete, make sure that your anonymized bitcoins are transferred to a personal wallet and not a bitcoin address that you may have used before, or a centralized exchange.

The major benefit of this is that: following the completion of this process, your publicly available bitcoin wallet address is permanently hidden from blockchain analysis firms and not only them, so your bitcoin financial records cannot be tracked back to you in any way. Even if third parties attempt to trace your transaction history, you would be a “digital ghost’- slippery and undetectable.

Once your coins are not anonymized with a bitcoin tumbler, with cutting-edge technology both your identity and bitcoin wealth may likely be uncovered by a third party such as blockchain analysis groups.

You can avoid being a casualty in the relentless witch hunt of bitcoin users by blockchain analysis firms and their affiliates. Protect your privacy, and make sure to use a bitcoin tumbler to guarantee anonymous bitcoin transfers.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide financial advice or promote the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its main purpose is to inform, explain, and educate. Readers must make their own decisions regarding the use of such services.

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