The different ways you can anonymously send bitcoin

The different ways you can anonymously send bitcoin

Although there is a general belief that the act of trading bitcoins digitally is shrouded by a thick veil of secrecy and anonymity, this is not true, as each transaction you make using bitcoins can be identified, noted, and traced on the blockchain platform.

And this is because the blockchain technology isn’t designed to aid anonymity or protect identities, hence its transparency feature, which helps to foster easy accountability in bitcoin transactions. This is not to undermine or put a dent in the efficiency of the blockchain technology, as it is still one of the most effective methods of conducting digital transactions safely without neck-cutting transaction fees, and it helps to keep your bitcoins safe and secured too.

While the blockchain technology is safe and secured as earlier stated, some bitcoin traders might still crave anonymity and secrecy when sending and receiving bitcoins online. This craving is quite understandable as there are so many benefits attached to transacting with bitcoins anonymously.


  1. Preventing intruders from prying into your business on the blockchain ledger.
  2. Keeping the details of your transactions a secret.
  3. Mitigating the possibility of any cyber hacker hacking your bitcoin accounts.
  4. Keeping the identities of those you send bitcoins to a secret.

Based on the above list, it is obvious that there are so many reasons why a lot of bitcoin traders would love to send and receive bitcoins anonymously, and if you are in that category of bitcoin users who want to conduct transactions anonymously through blockchain, and you don’t know how to do it, the article is here to help you achieve that.

Tips on sending bitcoin without a trace

Download and activate the onion router (Tor Browser).

Downloading the Tor browser on your device, accessing your Blockchain website on it, and connecting your bitcoin wallet through Tor is one sure way of keeping your identity anonymous, and also disguising your IP address, should you want to do that.

The Tor Browser helps to cloak you and your activities on the internet in a web of privacy and invisibility. No amount of digging can trace or unearth what you do on the internet through Tor, and that is one awesome way of sending bitcoins anonymously.

To enjoy the Tor browser, and to effectively privatize your transactions on Blockchain, you might have to install a new wallet, and transfer your bitcoins from the old wallet into the new one using the browser. To download and install the Tor browser, please visit

Receive and send bitcoins through a local market

Another way to buy and send bitcoins anonymously is through the local bitcoin markets.

These local bitcoin markets such as help to felicitate a platform for bitcoin traders to come together locally, personally, and anonymously trade bitcoins without having to go through any form of identification, which is a luxury that bitcoin brokers such as Kraken and Coinbase can’t afford you.

When you buy or sell bitcoins through a local bitcoin market like, you get to conduct these transactions in person and with cash, and then send the bitcoins to the destination wallet without too many identification hassles.

To send bitcoins through market, you search for an offline bitcoin market or seller/buyer around you on the website, vet the trader, meet them at the scheduled place, and conduct the trade.

Virtual Private Network is an easy fix

Another way to send bitcoins anonymously on the Blockchain platform is by downloading VPN. Just like the Tor browser, when you download VPN on your device, it helps to disguise your visibility on the internet, redirecting your IP address to another IP location entirely.

Make use of a bitcoin tumbler/mixer

Bitcoin mixing/tumbling is another sure way for you to send bitcoins in anonymity.

Bitcoin tumbling/mixing entails mixing and shuffling bitcoin tokens to replace the old bitcoins in your wallet with fresh bitcoins, this helps to break the link(s) created between the sender and the recipient during a bitcoin transaction, hereby confusing anyone who might be prying into the details of the transaction.

In selecting the best bitcoin tumbler/mixer, you must choose a bitcoin tumbler/mixer that is effective in bitcoin mixing/tumbling, and one of the best websites with a good pool of bitcoin is has a lot of bitcoins in its pool, and it avails the trader the opportunity to send their existing bitcoins into the pool, and receive new bitcoins from the pool to transact business with.

But what makes it better than other bitcoin mixers/tumblers is that while these other bitcoin mixers/tumblers have a drawback – even though a bitcoin trader might put in his bitcoins into the bitcoin reserve, there is every possibility that the same trader can also receive their very bitcoins back.

But with, there is no such chance, as it has created the mixing code system which enables traders to get fresh bitcoins in return for the ones they put in the pool of bitcoins.

Make use of encrypted software

While sending bitcoins to another bitcoin trader, another way to do that successfully without leaving a trail for hackers and prying eyes is to do it via end-to-end encrypted software.

Using bitcoin platforms that feature encryption system such as Horizen, Apollo Currency, Verge, and Moreno helps to encrypt your messages with a secret key, which only your receiver can know and use to decipher or decrypt your message.

Wrapping up

Staying anonymous in your bitcoin transactions is not an easy feat to achieve as a result of the open and transparent nature of the blockchain platform, but this doesn’t mean that it is not achievable. To achieve complete anonymity during the sending and reception of bitcoins, all you need to do is to go through this article, and select the best tip that you want to work with. The icing on the cake is that you can use more than one tip – this means that there are different paths to achieving a strong and untraceable anonymity in your bitcoin transactions.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide financial advice or promote the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its main purpose is to inform, explain, and educate. Readers must make their own decisions regarding the use of such services.

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