The guide to anonymizing bitcoin

The guide to anonymizing bitcoin

The bitcoin space has experienced a number of innovations, and the Lightning Network is a very significant example. The Lightning Network is a Layer-2 scaling platform that is dependent on the blockchain technology of bitcoin; thus facilitating off-chain transactions.

Off-chain transactions facilitated by Lightning network have numerous advantages, including the swift and increased scalability of transactions which helps to reduce the pressure and traffic on the actual bitcoin network. The downside of this is that the Lightning Network does not include any arrangement or resources that would guarantee the anonymity of bitcoin transactions.

If you still use bitcoin without anonymizing it, simply put, if you are still using bitcoin in a manner that makes your personal information and financial records easily discoverable by anyone with background knowledge of blockchain analysis.

In contrast to how trivial this problem may appear, it is actually a cause for concern. A few cryptocurrencies such as Horizen, Verge, Pivx, ad ZCash facilitate anonymous transactions with typical end-to-end encryption. This is one of the reasons why Monero is gradually becoming widely used. However, bitcoin still remains the first choice for many crypto transactions.

Blockchain analysis is a developing sector that processes blockchain data by deploying the use of Artificial Intelligence and other resources to look for the connections between transactions. Blockchain analysis is aimed to make these patterns easily decipherable by authorities, fraudsters, and tax agencies.

This leads us to the question of how to transact anonymously with bitcoin? The only tested and trusted method of using bitcoins anonymously for transacting, making payments, and storing bitcoin wealth is by using bitcoin mixers, otherwise called bitcoin tumblers.

Why is it important to use bitcoin anonymously?

The anonymity provided by using bitcoins is one of the major reasons why bitcoins are widely accepted. When you use bitcoins, your identity is conserved and you are the only one privy to your personal information and the bitcoin wealth you have accrued.

How is this important? The key thing here if not protected adequately, that your identity may be uncovered by tax agencies and regulators who may decide to enforce taxes on your bitcoin winnings, or even fraudsters who may be looking to make some cash off you.

Using bitcoin anonymously means that your identity is perfectly concealed and your transactions cannot be traced to you in any way. In this age of intensive monitoring, this is the best method of carrying out transactions.

Additionally, using bitcoins anonymously protects the identity of your transaction partners. Bitcoin records are open-source documents on which every of your past transaction history can be accessed, this implies that when your transactions are investigated by blockchain analysis corporations, the details of your business partners can also be uncovered as well.

How do bitcoin tumblers work?

Think of your bitcoin being on an open-source blockchain network, which makes it vulnerable and potentially traced and requiring protection and a careful verification. With the use of reliable bitcoin mixer services such as, your bitcoins can be anonymized.

Bitcoin mixers typically collect your potentially chased coins and combines them in various pools of bitcoins from several recipients before transferring anonymized bitcoins which are not in any way similar to yours.

One major advantage of using bitcoin mixers is the dissolution of the connection between your previous and new bitcoin addresses in a manner that the digital footprint made by your transaction history cannot be traced by any third party, ensuring that you are the only one privy to your bitcoin history.

What is the importance of bitcoin mixers?

The only way of facilitating the transfer to bitcoin without disclosing your personal details is through the use of bitcoin mixers to anonymize your bitcoin. By doing this, your identity remains intact and your bitcoin wealth is safeguarded from any third party.

For instance, if the financial records on your bank account can be accessed publicly by any individual with the knowledge of your name only, how safe would your transactions be? This is what happens with a bitcoin account. Your online security is guaranteed when you are the only on privy to your personal details and transaction history?

Using the bitcoin anonymously

Since we have discussed the benefits of using bitcoin anonymously, we can now discuss the steps to anonymizing your bitcoin. Using bitcoin mixers is the only guaranteed way of conserving the anonymity of your bitcoin.

Selecting a reliable bitcoin tumbler like is the most important preliminary step to concealing the details of your cryptocurrency transactions. It follows a basic principle.

  • Then a one-time bitcoin address which is valid for only 24 hours is provided by
  • Within the stipulated duration, your bitcoin must be deposited into the provided address
  • The bitcoin mixer service then gathers your bitcoin and separates it into smaller sections before scattering them and thoroughly mixing with the bitcoins owned by other people.
  • After this, there is an interchanging of the bitcoin and the bitcoin owned by other people are sent to you.
  • This means that the bitcoin you would receive is fresh and cannot be traced back to you in any way.

Uses of the anonymous bitcoin

After using a bitcoin mixer appropriately, goods can be bought with the fresh bitcoin gotten, these bitcoins can also be transferred to any location globally, or even saved to expand your bitcoin wealth without any doubts that it would be kept beyond the reach of intruders.

Preserving the privacy of your bitcoin wealth is beneficial since it allows you to ensure the anonymity of your bitcoin transactions and also protect your identity from a third party, as well as authorities and blockchain analysis corporations.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide financial advice or promote the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its main purpose is to inform, explain, and educate. Readers must make their own decisions regarding the use of such services.

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