Top 5 reasons to use a bitcoin mixer

Top 5 reasons to use a bitcoin mixer

As a bitcoin investor, your number one priority should be keeping your bitcoin safe. After all, what good is owning BTC if you can lose it from one moment to the next?

There are plenty of things you can do to increase bitcoin security, but none of them are as important as using a bitcoin mixer. A mixer is, simply put, a way to make your BTC anonymous, meaning no one can trace your coins or figure out who you are.

The advantages of keeping your BTC anonymous may seem evident, but there are plenty of reasons to do so. Here are the top 5 reasons why using a bitcoin mixer is essential to your overall cryptocurrency security strategy.

1. Blockchains are public

Bitcoin is not anonymous. Regardless of what you’ve been told, or what you may have read, this is a simple fact that must be understood from the start.

Because bitcoin is not anonymous, your wallet containing BTC can easily be connected to your actual identity. Yes, that means your home address, name, phone number – all of those real life identifying factors can be connected to your BTC wallet by blockchain analysis.

So, if you don’t feel like getting identified by hackers, cyber-criminals, or law enforcement, then you had better start mixing your BTC using a bitcoin mixer. A mixer destroys the link between your old wallet address and a new wallet address of your choosing.

After using a mixer, it is impossible to identify where your coins came from, meaning your identity is safe.

2. Blockchain analysis is powerful

Blockchain analysis technology is reaching a new paradigm through the use of AI. What blockchain analysis refers to is the ability to scan blockchains and make connections, draw patterns, and figure out hidden information by parsing transaction data.

Since blockchains like bitcoin are public domain, blockchain analysis firms can freely parse their data all day and night. With the advent of AI technologies, blockchain analysis firms have their work cut out for them. Advanced AI algorithms can detect even the most subtle connections and patterns between transactions and wallets.

If you want to pass undetected by these guardians of the blockchain, then you’ll need to disrupt the patterns by using a bitcoin mixer. When you send your BTC through a tumbler, the connection between wallet addresses is broken forever, making it impossible for blockchain analysis to track you down.

3. Using a bitcoin mixer secures your wealth

You’ve spent years creating wealth on the blockchain by investing early in cryptocurrency. Why risk that by letting cyber-criminals walk away with your gains?

There is no sense in leaving your wallet wide open for the taking. That’s why a bitcoin mixer is an indispensable tool in your cybersecurity arsenal. In fact, it is really your front line defense.

A mixer makes your wallet completely inaccessible by removing all possible connections and previous transaction history. In effect, using a mixer is like creating an impassable moat around your wallet. Even though people may be able to see your castle, because the moat is so wide, there is simply no way for them to make their way inside.

Create a moat around your wallet by using a mixer to secure your BTC once and for all.

4. Blockchain regulations are coming

Earlier, American authorities declared that cryptocurrency was a menace and would soon be facing strict regulations.

Governments around the world have more or less reiterated that position and are enacting various regulations to ensure that bitcoin holders are taxed for current and retroactive holdings.

The last bit means that because the blockchain stores all of your transaction history, it will be possible for tax agencies to take a look at your backlog of transactions and determine how much you owe for years of BTC trading – even if your current net worth is much smaller than what it used to be.

Using a bitcoin mixer is the only way to continue holding your bitcoin while not remaining a target. A mixer effaces your previous transaction history, making it impossible for tax agencies to draw a link between your previous blockchain moves and your current wallet worth.

5. Anonymous bitcoin = safe bitcoin

The best way to use bitcoin is anonymously. However, BTC has no privacy options by default. A bitcoin blender is the only way to create a privacy option for yourself, but many BTC investors are unaware of this option.

Thankfully, if you’re reading this article, you now know that there is a simple way to create true blockchain privacy for yourself. A bitcoin mixer shields your transactions with a cloak of privacy that has no workaround.

After mixing your bitcoins, you can freely send them without worrying that they can be traced back to your identity in any way later on.

What about when you receive BTC? When you receive new coins, you should send them to a “receive only” address. From that address, you can send them to a bitcoin blender such as, then pass them onto your secure address from there.

This three-step filtration process keeps your main wallet pristine and clean, while your “receive only” address takes in the unfiltered bitcoin. Creating a process like this for yourself has the awesome advantage of separating unchecked from verified BTC and enabling you to use bitcoin anonymously.

Sadly, most bitcoin newbies out there think their BTC is anonymous. However, pseudonymous does not equal anonymous. The advantages of using bitcoin anonymously are many, but here is a major example.

If you send your BTC to another user, who then involves those bitcoins in an illicit activity, then you may be implicated in the crime if law enforcement steps in. That’s why it is crucial for you to use your bitcoin anonymously.

This way, no matter what happens down the line, your hands will always stay clean.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide financial advice or promote the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its main purpose is to inform, explain, and educate. Readers must make their own decisions regarding the use of such services.

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