Tumbler.io bitcoin mixer service fees and discounts: Explore the cryptocurrency mixer's pricing structure, transaction costs, and available savings opportunities

Our minimum fee is 1% plus 0.0004 BTC for every receiving address. But we advice you to set a custom fee to prevent amount-based blockchain analysis.

You get a discount on service fee when you use Tumbler.io regularly.

On your first mixing operation, the service will assign you a unique “Tumbler code”. This code prevents you from receiving the same coins you have mixed before at Tumbler.io and gives you the possibility to profit from a membership discount on future mixing operations.

This discount will be automatically calculated depending on the total amount you have mixed through the service. There are multiple discount levels. These can be viewed in following table:

Tumbler.io - Fee
Mixed amount Discount Min. service fee
1 - 10 BTC 10% 0.90%
10 - 25 BTC 20% 0.80%
25 - 50 BTC 30% 0.70%
50 - 100 BTC 40% 0.60%
100 BTC and more 50% 0.50%